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US Employment Opportunities, Government Jobs: A Safer Choice for immigrants

If you are looking for a job in government, US citizenship is required for most federal government jobs and employment opportunities.

Law Enforcement, Border Guarding and Other Government Careers, Citizenship and Immigration Services, Road Safety Administration jobs are some of the job categories available to the government. Jobs are available domestically and abroad, and further growth is expected based on recent legislation. Thousands of job offers are advertised by the federal government every day. However, not all government agencies are advertised on their website.

Educational requirements

Most jobs require an associate or bachelor’s degree, although in the younger economy may require a masters degree and more for specific positions. Most government agencies allow you to substitute work experience in addition to or instead of educational requirements. It is essential to read the job advertisement and submit the appropriate documentation as per the terms of the job posting.

Military experience

If you think your military training is so specific that you are not qualified for anything outside of your chosen speciality, you may be completely wrong. Many veterans feel that they do not have the qualifications required for specific positions advertised on various job boards and often forget some of the “indirect training” they received during their military service. For example, a Veteran may have had their primary IT Operator job description, but since many Veterans know you will achieve the rank, you will have additional responsibilities, including training and supervising subordinates. If a veteran is only looking for “Computer Operator” jobs, many of the listed supervisor or training jobs may be missing. The best way to take a look at the job description and apply is by uploading your résumé and filling out your KSA.


For most federal vacancies for which you are applying, you will receive an email notification after the job posting has been completed. Applicants are given a numerical rating for each position they apply for. Some factors that affect applicants’ scores are resume weight, KSA questionnaire, preference for veterans, disability rate, education, and in some cases, the choice for spouses. The higher your score, the better your chances of getting the job. It is essential to provide all the required documents when applying for job vacancies, as failure to follow this instruction could result in delays in processing or the non-acceptance of your application. Also, be sure to submit documentation for each job posting you wish to apply for, even if the application system stores your resume or KSAs.

Here is a list of the most common government vacancies:

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