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Immigrate to UAE and Find Out How to Get a Job in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

If you are a foreigner and you are moving to Saudi Arabia to find a new job, this guide will walk you through the critical aspects of preparing your move to popular ex-pat cities like Riyadh. Around 70% of workers in popular ex-pat cities like Riyadh are foreigners. Most Saudi nationals are employed in the public sector, and nearly 90% of those employed in the private sector are foreigners.

Types of jobs

Due to the very competitive salaries and working conditions, many foreigners want to move and work in Riyadh. With its wealth, immense oil reserves, and good employment opportunities for expatriates in the oil drilling, natural gas and mining sectors, Saudi Arabia is one of the most attractive countries for job seekers. Foreign employment, Other major industries in Riyadh that employ large numbers of expatriates are real estate, construction, and education.

In Riyadh, there is a regular shortage of local specialists for certain professions. Some of these jobs and occupations are in high demand for foreign workers and are sectors where expatriates can easily find work.

Construction worker

The construction industry is one of the fastest-growing in Saudi Arabia. So there is a constant high demand for construction workers.


In the long term, there is a lack of space for engineering professions. Ex-pats thus have an exceptional opportunity to find a new job in this sector.

Medical staff

Healthcare jobs in Saudi Arabia are consistently viewed as scarce occupations. There is a high demand for emergency clinics and medical centres for clinical staff.


Large oil-exporting companies in Saudi Arabia usually hire foreign interpreters.

The average working week in Riyadh is Sunday through Thursday. Some shops and workplaces are open for a few hours on Fridays, rarely on Saturdays. The average weekly working time for Muslim employees is 48 hours, 30 hours during Ramadan.

How do I get a work visa?

To work temporarily in Saudi Arabia, foreign nationals must obtain a volatile Saudi work visa before departure. A work visa and valid passport are required to work in Saudi Arabia. The duration of the work visa is based on the term the supporting organization refers to in the letter of invitation to employment. It is recommended that an applicant for a work visa ask the correspondent in Saudi Arabia for the longest possible period of validity.

The documents required to obtain a Saudi work visa are a valid passport (without Israeli stamps), two passport photos, a visa application, proof of payment and a letter of invitation from the Saudi employer legalized by the company from Saudi Arabia and a work permit (employer in Saudi Arabia). Arabia will get it for you), medical certificate and blood test less than a quarter of a year old and identity card.

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