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Immigrate to UAE and explore essential guide to land good job in Sharjah

As the third-largest city in the United Arab Emirates, after Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Sharjah is a desirable option for you if you want to work in the Middle East. It has a very fast-growing economy, where wealth from several industries such as oil and natural gas, construction, construction services, and retail contributes to its success story. A career in Sharjah is a desirable proposition, as many from South Asia, the Philippines and even Western countries such as Britain, the United States and Germany have found. We have some advice for you if you also want to know more about Sharjah jobs and how to make a career in Sharjah.

Oil and gas stations in Sharjah

Oil and natural gas are a significant part of the Sharjah economy. The Gulf is one of the largest sources of oil in the world. The location of Sharjah, a port in the Gulf, makes it very attractive for oil companies to open refineries and other factories in the Emirate, which they do. These refineries require everyone from a regional manager to a plumber. They also have requirements for jobs such as planning manager, marketing, finance and lots of other jobs related to the employment and proper operations of the oil and natural gas industry.

Visa for Sharjah

Foreign workers in the UAE, and thus Sharjah as well, are not immigrants, but only temporary workers who must leave when their employment contract expires. As a temporary employee, you must have a UAE visa. Usually, the company you work for will sponsor your UAE residency visa, which should then allow you to live in Sharjah too.

You will also need a work visa or work visa to be able to work in Sharjah. This is usually also taken care of by the employer.

Working hours in Sharjah

For most foreigners working in Sharjah, as well as the UAE, their work is life. They got the Sharjah job just so they could earn a higher percentage than their home countries, save money and go back home. They work from 8 to 20, with a 2-3 hour break in the middle of the day, and do this as many days as possible in a week to earn as much as they can.

Apart from the industries mentioned here, construction, finance, marketing and tourism are also attractive options for a foreigner to work in Sharjah. Since the lowest-paid jobs for unskilled workers pay $ 600- $ 1000 a month in Sharjah and artisans get much more, Sharjah is the right place to look for work.

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