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Immigrate to Canada – Find out how to build your career as a skilled worker

Canada remains one of the most liberal and welcoming countries in the world when it comes to immigration. In the past few years, millions of people and their families have immigrated and settled in Canada. The high standard of living in Canada, coupled with the low crime rate continues to attract hordes of people from many different countries. One of the best ways to immigrate to Canada is to work as a skilled worker. Let’s look at a few options:

Federal Skilled Worker Applications

Those received on or after February 27, 2019, are currently undergoing eligibility screening by the Minister for Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism. Your request is considered eligible if:

1. You have a pre-determined job offer from a registered company operating in Canada.

2. You are a foreign national who has been legally resident in Canada for more than a year or more

3. You are an international student with legal status or

4. You are a skilled worker with at least one year or more of experience in the Qualified Professionals listed on the form.

5. Have work experience that requires qualification types 0 (management occupations) or skill levels A (professional careers) or B (technical and craft occupations) specified in the National Classification List of works in Canada AND

6. You must have had this experience over the past ten years.

The above factors are the factors used by Canadian immigration to assess eligibility for admission to Canada on a work visa. Once your application has been classified as eligible, it will go through an additional selection process involving measuring devices:

The Canadian Immigration Screening Process

a. Your academic performance
b. Your age
vs. Your general work experience
Re. Your ability to speak and write in English or French.

You will also need to provide proof of financial responsibility as long as you have enough cash to support yourself and your loved ones for the first few months of your arrival. Most put that limit at $ 10,000.

These requirements put many people off, but if you take a closer look at them, you find that they are milder than most of the immigration requirements of most countries, such as the United States and the United States. EU. The part of financial responsibility is also an obstacle for many people, especially those on low incomes. But you need to understand that Canada, as a country, needs to protect its social protection system. It is more difficult for immigrants who arrive without funds to feed themselves as they put a strain on the system and other newly arrived immigrants.

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