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Discover Cyprus Top 10 Reasons to Move and Develop Your Business in Cyprus

(1) Perfect weather:

Cyprus’s subtropical Mediterranean climate is ideal for anyone wanting to escape the cold. A large selection of beautiful beaches complements hot summers, and despite some rain during the winter, 5-7 hours of sunshine are guaranteed almost every day of the year. Forget the cold, especially in southern cities, where the temperature is between 13-27 degrees Celsius all year round. As a result, people are amiable, and the food is exceptional.

(2) Unusual natural environment:

stunning landscapes, beautiful clean beaches, and magnificent golf courses (of which 4 are championships). Cyprus offers a wide range of natural habitats that lend not only pleasant breaks but also to develop long-term partnerships with customers through sports and team building.

(3) Blessed strategic location and cultural heritage:

The city of Cyprus, based on the axis of the movement, stands between the North and South, East and West, at the crossroads of three continents, Europe, Asia, and Africa. This strategic location is excellent for any business looking to develop strategic alliances and international business partnerships. As a result of the small growth of the country, it has also developed a tremendous cultural heritage,. As a result, today, together with modern youth, it offers a lot in terms of cultural entertainment and landscape.

(4) Prosperous and stable economy:

The Cypriot economy is booming and diversifying in recent years, which provides excellent stability in terms of the overall economy. According to the latest IMF estimates, GDP per capita (adjusted for purchasing power) was $ 28,381, just above the European Union average. Cyprus has also adopted the European Union’s currency since 2008, which has simplified trade and administration.

(5) Professional services and skilled workforce:

Cyprus is a destination that mainly covers the demand for professional services in terms of taxes, banking, and financing for local and international companies that choose to expand and develop their operations. The country also offers highly qualified and multilingual staff for those seeking growth in the service industry.

(6) Accession to the European Union:

In 2004, Cyprus joined the European Union with nine other countries. As a domestic destination with high tax rates, Cyprus allows those who register companies in Cyprus to do business in the European Union and with other EU countries in a comfortable, fast, and cost-effective way. Of course, no customs duties are levied on goods sold or transported between the Member States. Being a member of the European Union makes it possible to access the European Development Funds for development.

(7) Ideal tax environment:

Not only can the state boast a fixed tax rate on 10% of Cyprus, but an extensive network of double taxation agreements where Cyprus has been busy developing agreements with over 45, but it has gained significant benefits from saving taxes as a natural legal environment. European Union. They are multiple, multifaceted tax treaties aimed at lowering the tax rate on interest received, commissions, taxes on dividends, and taxes on the sale of shares, securities, and shares of subsidiaries. Cyprus today is one of the most popular countries, not only for the people of Europe but also for international companies to register Cyprus companies and run companies. Cyprus is also an ideal tax environment for individuals. Personally, the Cyprus system has also introduced some allowances that apply to all individuals but especially non-residents in terms of the personal income tax rate in Cyprus. The capital gains tax of Cyprus, which arises from the disposition of real estate companies within the family, is also generally exempt from tax. Finally, for companies that want to increase their workforce, with a total cost of about 20% of the real wage cost, the employee taxes (a value that the employer and the employee pay together) that fully provide social security services are also positively encouraged.

(8) Strong social security and Medicaid benefits:

EU pensioners are eligible for free medical treatment. EU citizens from other countries who have contributed to the social security system of another EU country for at least two years are entitled to coverage in Cyprus. Those who receive disability or work on injured benefits are entitled to free medical treatment. High-quality medical care is available wherever facilities are comparable to other industrialized countries.

(9) Advanced telecommunications network and infrastructure:

Cyprus’ infrastructure is perfectly suited for professionals who need to get things done. The country has a modern road system, extensive port facilities, and two international airports. Travel and international transportation between Cyprus and internationally between the country and other countries are fast, efficient, and cost-effective. Considerable investments have been made to turn the island into a telecommunications center in its territory. In addition to seven satellite stations that provide satellite communications, Cyprus is connected to some advanced submarine cables that provide excellent connectivity to Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

(10) Low crime rate and familiar justice system.

Cyprus enjoys some of the weakest thefts and crimes in Europe, along with colder Denmark and Norway. Due to British colonies until 1960, Cyprus operates under the standard legal system. This system is not only more transparent for many companies and executives who choose Cyprus as a business destination, but it also offers the structure of confidential organizations with nominees.

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